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Thread: brownian bridge: How to run SBA on Win 7, Win Vista

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    brownian bridge

    brownian bridge: How to run SBA on Win 7, Win Vista

    any idea?

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    Parker: Re: How to run SBA on Win 7, Win Vista

    > any idea?

    Karel posted regarding this back in January 2008 on the Main page, at least regarding Vista. He essentially said that SBA will not run natively on Vista. You can get around this by downloading Virtual PC from Microsoft's website and installing XP (or 2K) on it.

    The Virtual PC download is free, but you will need a copy of Windows XP (or earlier Windows) to install on it.

    As for Windows 7, the Professional version (but not Home Premium) includes something called "Windows XP Mode" which is the same sort of virtualization as above, although you don't need a separate copy of XP.

    I have no experience with it, but I would imagine that SBA would work okay on Windows 7 Pro with XP Mode.

    Alternatively, you might consider switching to CVData, which runs natively just fine on Vista or Windows 7, has a gazillion features, and is still being actively developed.

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    brownian bridge

    brownian bridge: thanks *NM*


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