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Thread: bj21 player: how many casinos?

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    bj21 player

    bj21 player: how many casinos?

    How many casinos can I find with BJ in a circle of 250 miles around Las Vegas?My plan is visit Las Vegas and then also play in as much indian reservations then possible. Has anybody another idea, how I can make it?

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    Trapper: Plenty

    Go to the Casino City site. I don't know if it will directly answer your question but you can select a casino and then get nearby casinos displayed on a map.

    According to Casino City, there are about 100 casinos in the Las Vegas area alone. Most of these would not have playable blackjack. Laughlin would be the only other gambling destination within 250 miles but there are a few small towns with three or more casinos (Mesquite, Primm, Pahrump). There may be a couple dozen tribal casinos in Arizona and California that would be within your target area but San Diego and Palm Springs would be out of range. Indian casinos can be out of the way and some have horrible games. You will want to get a copy of Current Blackjack News (CBJN) or check out Trackjack on this site to get information about the games offered. Casinos with no BJ or bad games may not be covered. Unless you will be visiting for over a month or you are trying to live out your own Blackjack Autumn, you might be better off sticking to Las Vegas and Southern Nevada.

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    bj21 player

    bj21 player: thank you soo much *NM*


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