Was playing at a SoCal casino recently when I witnessed some bad run of cards against a whale. I bought in at a black chip table with 4 other players already at the table. Did not notice the whale playing at the end. Everyone else was betting the minimum. I normally avoid playing with whales since I'd rather play under the radar as an AP and avoid arguments with players betting alot more than I do, but decided to stay since there were others at the table playing the min. He was betting about 1500 a hand when I started. Cards weren't going his way. So he started ramping his bets. Betting the 3K max spreading to two hands. That didn't work. Next thing I know he's asking the PC if he can bet more than the max. Starts betting 5K. Cards are still cold. Asks for and gets more markers. Bets 2 hands at 10K each. Now this is happening while everyone else including myself is betting one black. Several rounds later, the guy next to me gets tired and accidentally hits his hard 17 and busts out. Dealer draws and makes a hand, beating everyone at the table. The whale surprisingly keeps his cool but asks the guy if he knew that he hit on a 17. The guy replies he didn't count right and messed up. Jesus Christ, that was a $20,000 mistake, buddy! Anyways, the whale later left and things were back to normal. Unfortunately, I was unable to capitalize while the whale was present, since the count was flat the whole time. Kinda like stripping yourself from your invisibility cloak, and finding out know one's still paying any attention to you.
Seen that same night: Allen Iverson playing 3-card poker out in the open with the peons, betting 1K min, with a stack of 100K. I guess his playoffs had ended.