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Thread: Greasy John: Went to Barona the other day...

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    Greasy John

    Greasy John: Went to Barona the other day...

    I was a little nervous playing the $100 minimum table. Had a great session though. No real heat, but they were watching. This is the first time I played LS where I used a HI-Opt 1 LS matrix table (the only times I've used LS before is in a Vegas shoe game and I was using only basic strategy LS).

    As I said, I was a little nervous palying at this level with a 1-3 spread--mostly because I tried to raise my betting level on two prior trips to Vegas years ago, and what a disaster that was. I went down faster than the Titanic.

    Playing with an average bet of $200 a hand you can lose $4,000 in a hour. So I humbly welcome the win. Thanks, Lance Humble.

    Greasy John

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    Sun Runner

    Sun Runner: Nice going. *NM*


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