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Thread: czechs play: CA Indians vs. Vegas

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    czechs play

    czechs play: CA Indians vs. Vegas

    With California Indian casinos posting record breaking revenue, I can't understand how Vegas can offer such inferior blackjack games, in lieu of all the competition that Indian casinos are providing. As a 10-year AP veteran living in SoCal, I no longer visit Vegas to play blackjack, since Indian casinos offer in many cases superior rules than Vegas. For example, Vegas offers 6:5 SD or DD, some no DAS, marginal pen. Compare that to my local Indian joint who offers double deck 65% pen DOA DAS with surrender allowed, or SD DAS DOA surrender allowed...AND MOST IMPORTANT...VIRTUALLY NO HEAT WHATSOEVER. Which would you choose? All the data and figures I've seen show Vegas losing a ton of gaming business to the California Indians...hopefully Vegas can improve their games and draw people like myself back to the desert.

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    Wolverine: No offense, but...

    Nice rant, but quite simply, it is the Law of Supply and Demand in action.

    1)Las Vegas does not have to offer good rules in order to have people sit down and lose money at their games.

    and furthermore,

    2) It is not in their best interest to offer "good games" so that patrons like you and I can have any chance to win money from them. They don't care if we EVER play another hand of blackjack in their casino and would prefer that we NEVER do.

    Until the PROFITS of the mega-casinos in Las Vegas head in the wrong direction, they have no reason to try to attract more lemings to Sin City--more magically appear every day!!! And even if profits drop, they might make the rules even WORSE in order to prop up the profits again by scalping the "uninformed."


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