After prop 202 passed in the November elections, plans are finally being made by the Arizona Indian casinos.

Below is a link to an article from this morning's Tucson paper, the Arizona Daily Star. Since their links tend to disappear rather quickly, I'll try to provide a brief recap.

While the article was primarily concerned with a local dealer class, there was some useful information.

The first casinos to offer BJ are likely to be the ones just south of Tucson and this could happen as early as February or possibly in April.

There is no specific mention of the rules, but a photo accompanying the story shows a student training table with "Dealers must stand on all 17s". The paragraph on security discloses that the cards will be dealt face-up and the players will not be allowed to touch the cards for security reasons.

A separate item says Casino del Sol will have 20 tables at first and another 20 are expected to be added later in the year. Casino of the Sun will have 10 tables and Desert Diamond will have 28.