I found a single deck game that is dealt five rounds heads-up. Because I am friendly, I can get six or seven rounds in plus counts. The rules are standard reno SD: H17, DOA, NDAS, split face cards must be the same rank (TT, JJ, QQ or KK is okay, but you can't split TJ or JQ, etc.), etc. Table limits is $5 to $500 and established players here typically jump bets from $25 to $200 without any problem.

I have experimented with counting systems in the past (HiLo, KO, etc) mainly to reduce the house edge. I am someone who has read a lot of gambling literature (I bought BJA when it first came count and have the 1st edition of "Beyond Counting"), but is neither a practitioner nor professional. However, since the edge on this is only 0.17%, I might take up counting seriously if I can find a serious count. I am not against multiparametric counts since level one counts with an ace side count have been shown to beat Wongs Halves (a level 3 count), ceteris paribus, in single deck.

Any constructive responses will be appreciated.