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Thread: pm: KO backcounting...

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    pm: KO backcounting...

    ...can it done efficiently (WiWo style), even though the ODPs for KO are unknown?

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    Sun Runner

    Sun Runner: Re: KO backcounting...

    > ...can it done efficiently (WiWo style),
    > even though the ODPs for KO are unknown?


    Everything dosen't have to be optimal.

    Try and get your money in play when you have a decent advantage and out when you don't. With all the variables surrounding you, trying to hit the marks, spot on, every time, is impossible.

    It is all based on finite, measurable to the 15th decimal point, exacting math. But when you put it into play, live, it becomes a little fuzzy around the edges.

    KO is a good system, certainly for shoe games -just do it.

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    pm: That sounds about right

    I know that any type of perfect play is impossible; I tend to be a stickler for knowing the perfect numbers anyway because I like to get as close to the mark as is practically possible. Mostly I just hate the feeling of uncertainty that stems from "Well, this play seems about right, but there's always that off-chance that somebody will do the math and it'll turn out that you shouldn't actually be making that play."

    But obviously, this case is pretty cut-and-dry; I guess I was really just trying to make sure that there aren't any major caveats to backcounting with an unbalanced count.

    Thanks for the insight.

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    Shadow: Re: KO backcounting...

    Don't have the book near to me right now so I can't look it up. But I think they describe departure points in one of the last chapters.


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    koko: Re: KO backcounting...

    > ...can it done efficiently (WiWo style),
    > even though the ODPs for KO are unknown?
    what is ODP??? sorry, don't know.....

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    Parker: Optimal Departure Point

    And if you're still not sure exactly what is meant by "Optimal Departure Point," it means that you should immediately click on the link below and order your copy of Blackjack Attack, 3rd Edition, by Don Schlesinger.

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    pm: Re: KO backcounting...

    Oh, page 120, how about that (they have some rough ODPs). I guess it would have helped if I had read the whole book. There's too many books to read, dammit.


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