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Thread: Felix Rue-de-Guerre: Ohio gets Casinos

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    Felix Rue-de-Guerre

    Felix Rue-de-Guerre: Ohio gets Casinos

    Ohio issue 3 has passed. There is now a provision in our state constitution to allow four land-based casinos here in Ohio. One each in Toledo, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus.

    Opponents are already talking about amending the amendment. Part of their argument is that some counties, such as Franklin county (Columbus is located there), voted this down dramatically even though it was a statewide issue. Another part of their argument is that we would not be taxing the casinos enough (at 33%).

    These were the same arguments the opponents stated in their campaign. If another election happens before the casinos are built they have a gutshot to tighten up the laws. An Analyst I heard on NPR (can't remember his name) thinks their chances are slim. And so do I... Why?

    Let me guess...

    Well, in the first few months the MGM in Detroit existed I think they did about a million gross a day. They were waiting to open the doors on opening day because the printer was slow on delivering the dealers license badges. In Ohio we already have the land dedicated for the Casinos. They will be be built and opened with equal exuberance. There will be no time to re-amend.

    On a side note I was there, waiting to get in the building on the day the MGM Detroit was opened. I had driven 2+ hours from Cleveland. I was just looking around. What did I see? The hottest waitresses on Earth in skimpy leo-tardy-oh-man-look-at-HER costumes. Sweeet! Wow, cool! everything is so new and shiny. Look at the shiny new slot machines... It smells like new carpet and hugs!

    I knew the blackjack would be bad. So why would I show up?... The Detroit casino ballot stated that a certain (large) percentage of the workers, including dealers, would need to be unemployed Detroit city people. I was counting on them making mistakes.

    So I went to the lowest stakes Blackjack table I could find. There were 2 Hispanic guys at 6th and 7th base who were way more on top of the situation than I. They kept trying to confuse the lady dealer by continually "correcting" her correct payouts[this story could be an entire post]. I received no gifts here so I left. The other BJ games were beyond my bankroll.

    Pretty much on my way out the door I looked onto a Roulette game (Yes Roulette!). Everyone looked very happy and having fun. The dealer was exceptionally happy and laughing and having fun. The ball fell on a number where there was a single chip. The dealer scraped away the losers and promptly paid the winner with $70 in value chips... ... ... ... ... ...

    Personally, I am not happy with the passage of Issue 3. I voted against it. I think a state should issue casino licenses based on worthy applicants.

    We need fair competition or things will happen like they have in Detroit or West Virginia. This may be a case of "foot in the door" politics. And hey, maybe 20 years from now we will have proper casino licensing here in Ohio because of this. But if the poker room has 2-4 limit poker with a 6 dollar rake and 6:5 shoe games I am still buying the plane ticket to Vegas.

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    Felix Rue-de-Guerre

    Felix Rue-de-Guerre: I mean seat 6 and 7... not 6th and seventh base *NM*


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