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    BlackJackHack: Eastern Iowa

    I would appreciate any relatively recent reports on Riverside Casino and Isle Waterloo. Feel free to email if info is not suitable for a public board and I'll be happy to trade reports on any areas I'm familiar with (LV, AC, Mississippi, CT, Caribbean).

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    bfbagain: Re: Eastern Iowa

    No worries..

    I didn't even know they opened a new casino in Waterloo, until I was in the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago. Actually, until I was out of the area and i wasn't going back.

    I did visit the Indian place in Tama and Prairie Meadows in Des Moines, as well as stopping by the Riverside.

    Meskwaki has a DD game with good rules, but the pen is 50%. I believe that the max bet is $500. Didn't pay much attention to the six deck as the pen was 66% too. Nice casino though. Just waaay out of the way for not so good conditions.

    Prairie Meadows Race Track & Casino is like a Mn, card room, in that they have a full complement of games, it's just again, that the pen is not great and they still H17. I would say that it might be better when the HL room is open. I went through there after 2AM and if you had some time, you might want to stick around a bit. The tables were a mixture of ASMs, the one six (I think) and hand shuffled. Even though it was after 2AM, there were were approx. 5 tables open, just mostly full.

    Riverside uses the Shuffle Master MD2 exclusively. They boast of a DD game open in the HL, but I have yet to even see the HL open, and I've been there a few times and in prime time too. This too is a nice place and the rooms are ok as well. They do have a good restaurant and the comps are fairly easy. Game conditions, unfortunately, are not the best, heat is almost non-existent, as I have found in most MD2 only casinos.

    I'll assume that you are aware that Clinton has a playable game, as well as Jumer's, who is building a new boat/barge 5 miles down the river. Isle of Capri (both locations) are virtually worthless with their standard cuts being 2.5d. Even with great rules (other than H17), it's a tough place to play.

    Hope this helps



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