Cuts on the 6 deck game are anywhere from 2 to 1.5, depending on dealer.

Mins are $5 to $500 during the week, $10, $15, $25 to $500 on weekends.

Find the right dealer and you can spread like crazy for sometime before the heat will come down.

They have instituted a bad, bad, rule, if you start at two hands you can do what you want as far as spread but if you drop to one you can only play minimum and not go to two again.

This must originate in their paranoia about counters which they really now very little about.

So if you find that 1.5 cut at a$5 to $500 table you can have at it for quite some time, unless you are in the book and then you will be splashed.

The High Roller section is now $100 to $1000 and is playerless 90% of the time. Most like to play 2 spots but at a minimum of $200 on each even the High Rollers don't care for that.