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Thread: newtocc: frustrating session

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    newtocc: frustrating session

    Played during the holiday. Extremely crowded, hard to concentrate so I played a simple flat betting session. I figured I would just play until I either won 10 units or lost 10 units. Up and down for about 4 hours, then finally I was just 1 unit away from my 10 unit win goal, and I didn't reach it. I ended up with a 10 unit loss. I think after playing that long and getting that close one should probably leave with 1 unit shy of their goal versus leaving with a loss. Maybe play one more hand to reach the 10 units, after getting up 9, then leave win or lose. I would have saved the 9 units I won, plus the 10 units I ended up losing. Frustrating game.

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    newtocc: Re: frustrating session

    What I forgot to mention is that when I reached 9 units the shoe ended. New dealer came, and a new shoe. That is probably a sign that things are about to change. Because in this case they really did.


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