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Thread: zahmed: BJ3 on Kindle, Don

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    zahmed: BJ3 on Kindle, Don

    I want to purchase BJ3 on Kindle. At present, the book is not available on Amazon and when it had been available, it was not available on Kindle. Any idea if it will ever be available to download?

    Its so much easier for me to carry all my books on my IPAD rather than carry them separately.

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    Bettie: Re: BJ3 on Kindle, Don

    The book is not currently available on Amazon because we are low on stock and it needs to be reprinted. It can be ordered through us directly, of course, and there are several reputable resellers in the Marketplace with both new and used copies. After the reprint is available, all involved can discuss creating a Kindle version. However, there has been zero interest until now, so I will note that we are getting inquiries and put that in the "pros" column.

    Thank you much!
    RGE Publishing, Ltd.


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