Blackjack Efficiency Calculator

Given a card counting system's card values, this calculator will provide the Betting Correlation, Playing Efficiency and Insurance Correlation. Definitions can be found below the calculator.


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Playing Efficiency PE indicates how well a counting system handles changes in playing strategy. Playing efficiency is particularly important in hand-held games (one or two decks.)
Betting Correlation BC is defined as the correlation between card point values and the effect of removal of cards. It is used to predict how well a counting system predicts good betting situations and can approach 1.00 (100% correlation.) BC is particularly important in shoe games (six or eight decks.)
Insurance Correlation IC is defined as the correlation between card point values and the value of cards in Insurance situation. A point value of -9 for tens and +4 for all other cards would be perfect for predicting if an Insurance bet should be placed.

Note: Playing Efficiency (as defined by Griffin) is not relevant to unbalanced counting systems and is only an estimate. PE & BC stated here do not include side counts.




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