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Progression VS Card-counting

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This seems to be the biggest debate inthe Blackjack community right now. I can see the allure of progression systems. They are much easier to learn and require a much smaller bankroll. Plus, they just seem to make sense. Intuitively, you want to bet more when you are winning and less when you are losing. If you have ever bought and sold stocks on your own,you have had this same intuition. You watch a stock rising, getting a lot of media attention. Naturally you want to jump on the bandwagon and buy some. Commodities are like this too. Look at the recent rise in gold. But what do professional traders do? Many of them said when the average Joe started buying gold as an investment it was time to sell. Buy low and sell high, as they say. What does that actually mean? It means you buy stocks that are going down not up and sell the high fliers right as Sally Q Public jumps in. Clearly cards are not stocks but I use the analogy because I believe it illustrates the difference between the professional player and the recreational player.

If you still think progression is the way to go, think about this. Neither progression players nor card-counters are breaking any laws. Yet the casinos spend a lot of money trying to keep card-counters out of their establishments. The casino has the right to bar any player it deems undesirable as long as that decision is not based on race, creed, physical disability or any other protected status. In fact, an entire industry of private detective firms and software manufactures was created to identify and thwart card-counters. By contrast, players using a progression system are comped meals and rooms. Do you think the casino is stupid? They have just as much right to remove progression players but choose not too. In fact, they wine and dine them and try to keep them playing as long as possible. The casino is the most successful professional gambler. We should defer to them to answer the question of who is the biggest threat to their bottom line.

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May the count be with you, DarkStar

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