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Card Counters Don’t Stare

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There is a post on SOBSA on a private Blackjack site. SOBSA is the Sense Of Being Stared At. The question in the article is can you improve your play by using SOBSA. That is, sensing that someone is looking at you. The post gives no direct answer and provides the needed cynicism. The article is very interesting – but in my mind misses the point. In my mind, the concept should be focused on you staring at casino folk, not casino folk staring at you. The concept that you can sense surveillance watching you through some sixth sense sounds more like paranoia than a useful technique. But, I do warn people about the fact that others can use their five senses to pick up on the fact that you are watching them – and that is a danger. In the Heat section of Modern Blackjack I say:

“If you see the pit boss on the phone after observing you, alter your play or leave. However, in attempting to see if the pit boss is observing you, take care not to tip off the pit boss that you are observing her. People have an uncanny ability to detect someone looking at them. It is almost enough to make you believe in a sixth sense. If you are walking down a busy street and your eyes rest on another person’s face for a moment, his eyes will very often turn to yours. When you are looking at someone, keep your head moving.”

Again, I am not criticizing the post — it brings up an interesting point. It’s just in my mind the relevant aspect is the reverse. Make certain that you are not watching casino folk too closely. Staring at the cards might make you look like a Blackjack card counter. Staring at the pit boss makes you look like a danger.

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