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Two Wrongs Can Make a Right

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Is it possible that if you make twomistakes, you could actually make the right final decision? Considerwhat I recently witnessed at a Blackjack table. We were playing aneight deck shoe. After one and a half decks were dealt the player inthe middle seat trippled his bet and said, “there are no tens leftin that deck!” The cards came out something like; Jack, Queen,Jack, Ten, King, King, Jack, Queen, Ten, Queen, King, Ten and a Jackfor the Dealer's up-card. I'm not exagerating at all. All sixplayer's had 20 and the dealer had a ten up! I don't remember everseeing that before, much less after someone made a statement likethat! Everyone stayed of course and the dealer flipped a Nine underhis Jack.

The first mistake is obvious. Certainly, with only a deck and a half removed, it would have beenimpossible for all the Tens to be removed. Even if all of theprevious rounds looked like this one there would still be 56 Tensleft. I don't need to show my work, do I? The second mistake isobvious to the advantage player. You would not increase your bet ifthere were no Tens left! You would leave the table! He won tripplehis previous wanger baecuase he made two errors that cancelled eachother out. Maybe in Blackjack two wrongs make a right.

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  1. Freightman's Avatar
    Ploppies often make the right decision. They don't know why or understand why it's right, they simply fall into the proper play. Now doing a second time in a different situation - don't count on it.
  2. ZenMaster_Flash's Avatar
    [COLOR=#000080][SIZE=3]Did anyone remain seated after that round ?[/SIZE][/COLOR] [B] LOL[/B]
  3. Dude's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ZenMaster_Flash
    Did anyone remain seated after that round ? LOL
    I played one more at table min and then got up. The rest stayed and actually increased their bets. Obviously none of them could count and I think some must have thought that big cards would somehow keep coming. That's one way the house cleans up. Everyone gets 20's and naturals so they up their bet. Then can't believe it when the dealer seems to be able to always draw that small card that makes her hand! How many times do we hear, "where are all the tens?" and think, "are we at the same table? We just had 3 rounds of all tens!" LOL
  4. iceman1987's Avatar
    Anyone got the Full KO indexes? I am getting conflicting information. On Casino Vertie the index plays are much different than that of the KO blackjack book.
    Current stats.
    Ive logged 28 hours
    RoR isn't a big deal cause my BR is replenish able
    Currently up 4930$
    Logged 19hrs of 6 deck play Wonging in and out and also playing straight though the shoe with a bet spread of 1-12(decent rules)
    9 hours logged of DD play about 75% pen and the Turning stone be spread 1-10(of which got me Barred Twice)
    Again just wanting to make sure I have the right charts if anyone could point me in the right direction because I have several sights to get the I18 plays(preferably id like all the index plays) yet they read differently

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