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Portraits on the ‘Net

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Been looking around the ‘Net. People I know from older days do not have photos of themselves on the I’Net. People in my family, excepting the very youngest, have no public photos. Most of these people, like me, avoid it like the plague. Publically publishing photos of yourself is not a new phenomenon; but, the degree to which it occurs has multiplied enormously. From what I’ve read, Facebook loses large numbers of accounts at the end of every graduation period, as students realize that they are entering real life and selfies of them drunk aren’t exactly great examples of how they wish to portray themselves as new employment applicants.

My point is that images on the I’Net are forever. Delete your social site images all you wish – they will still be there. If you ever want to retain any semblance of anonymity, stay away from cameras, and never post pictures of yourself. I don’t want to engender paranoia. But, there is no reason to make the casino’s jobs easier.

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  1. MJGolf's Avatar
    Although I have NOT mastered it yet, you can also take a pic now (find or copy one).........and search it. Then search engines can find similar people/same people to that pic. THAT is scary in relationship to what you stated in your blog. So if we degenerate womanizers wanted to find all those pics of say.........Cameron Diaz, we could search just her pics. Too much info in my eyes. Another reason NOT to have Facebook. But then again, I may be too 'old school' as I don't really have a personal social media presence of choice.

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