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Why Are Casinos Run So Badly?

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Thorp’s best-selling book bringing to the masses the secrets of card counting produced a massive interest in Blackjack. As a result, casino profits boomed. This is a logical result. The knowledge that casinos can be beat brings great interest, even though most people do not have the patience or discipline to put that knowledge to use. It isn’t that the techniques are that hard. It’s that most people are too lazy, too superstitious or in too much of a hurry to put the techniques into effective play. So, the casinos enjoyed a huge influx of bad players.
So, what did the casinos do? They made the rules worse. As a result, the interest tapered off. We have seen waves of casino rule changes, improving and destroying the games. Some of it is paranoia. Some of it is greed. But, I am beginning to think most of it is simple stupidity.
So, why do they mess up such a profitable situation? Perhaps a recent study ( provides a clue. It turns out that of all the major cities in the U.S., Las Vegas has the second to last education rate.

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