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Martingale as Cover

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Over the years, many have tried to resurrect Martingale betting (doubling the bet when you lose a hand). As we all know, Martingale betting fails, in Blackjack or in any endeavor involving betting. So, what if we use Martingale betting as cover? That is, we use Martingale at times when counting cards to try to look like a poor player, in an attempt to assuage the fears of the casino. The ideas vary, but usually involve either using a Martingale when the count is negative and correct betting when the count is positive, or using Martingale when the count is positive, and flat betting when the count is negative.

The below chart provides the SCOREs for various methods of betting. We start with optimal betting. That is, the correct Blackjack card counting bets, with a spread of 1-16. The next columns provide the SCOREs for betting one unit on negative counts, and Martingale on positive counts. Spreads of 1-16, 1-8, 2-16, and 2-8 are used. The final three columns provide the SCOREs for optimal betting at positive counts, and Martingale spreads of 1-16, 1-8, and 1-4 at negative counts.

As we can see, any use of Martingale seriously damages advantage. Positive Martingale destroys advantage.

I did not include it in the chart, as it is not Martingale, but Neg 1-2 spread would result in a SCORE of 24.3.

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  1. falling star's Avatar
    A negative martingale costs too much.
    A positive martingale doesn't last long enough for cover.

    I have the ideal cover play. It meets all the criteria for cover. For it to have longevity, it needs to be handled carefully. It's too sensitive for an open forum.
    Word of mouth is probably the best way to proceed. Should I send to you privately?
    falling star
  2. kishanbp's Avatar
    please send me also the cover play details?
  3. Blackriver's Avatar
    Fs, I'm interested

    Heres an idea (I don't do this, yet), if you are using cover the trade off should be use of higher spreads or more Wonging. Maybe start with Wonging and normal spread and 20% martingaling and when pit crew are around or you sense heat just resort to 80% martingale and 20% Wonging. When you haven't wonged in a while allow yourself to martingale your way into a huge top bet

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