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They are watching you

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Apparently, GM’s OnStar always tracks your car location, even if you drop your subscription. And everyone gets a free trial subscription. That is, they keep a database of your driving habits, and sell it. Now, they claim the info is anonymized, so that particular cars cannot be identified by the buyer. But, it seems it is possible to hack the data. Kinda rings my paranoia button. Like, a casino tracking your past movements.

Or, as David Crosby wrote:

“You know, it increases my paranoia, like looking in my mirror and seeing a police car.”

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  1. falling star's Avatar
    The good and the bad.
    Knew someone who hit a large animal on a lonely stretch of road. Onstar immediately called and said help was on the way. If someone is unconscious, they may not be able to give a location, whereas OnStar can. Also, a great resource for researchers. The bad: as you mentioned.

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