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Modern Blackjack nth Edition

How Blackjack Works Index

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It has occurred to me that a full table of contents of Chapter 15, How Blackjack Works, would be useful. This occurred to me because I go searching through the chapter myself trying to remember where I put charts. So:

How Blackjack Works 369

Basic Strategy 370
What hands do we get? 370
Single-Deck 371
What are the good Blackjack hands? 372
Single-Deck 373
What Blackjack hands get the money? 374
Single-Deck 375
What Blackjack hands do we get? 376
What are the good Blackjack hands? 377
What Blackjack hands get the money? 378
What’s the effect of Hit on 17? 379
What’s the effect of DAS? 380
What’s the effect of number of decks? 381
What’s the effect of ENHC? 382

Data by Count 383
How often do we get each True Count? 383
Single-deck 384
Cumulative 385
How valuable is each True Count? 386
What is the change in advantage from TC to TC? 387
How do Blackjack indexes affect advantages of counts? 388
What is the change in advantage from TC to TC? 389
How do different manners of True Counting differ? 390
How does this affect count frequencies? 391
How does the count affect win/lose/push rates? 392
How does the count affect Splits, DDs, BJs, Insurance? 393
How is this affected by indexes? 394
Where do indexes come from? 395
How about reverse indexes? 396
How do rules affect indexes? 397
How often do we get each Running Count? 398
How do Running and True counts compare? 399
How valuable is each Running Count? 400

Data by Depth 401
Why is depth important in Blackjack? 401
What about unbalanced counts? 402
True Counts by Depth 403
Running Counts by Depth 404
What is the advantage at different depths? 406

Data by Penetration (SCORE Charts) 407
How much does penetration matter? 407
What is the real gain? 408
What about unbalanced counts? 409
How much do card counting indexes matter? 410
Single-deck 411
How much do strategies matter? 412
Single-deck 413
What about Ace-Neutral strategies and Ace side counts? 414
Single-deck 415
What effect do Blackjack rules have? 416
How often should we recalculate True Counts? 417
Single-deck 418
Where should we sit? 419
What is the effect of seats on SCORE? 420
Should I bet by half counts? 421
What about Zen? 422
What if I play the strategy for the wrong rules? 423
What about Card Counting? 424
What if I use a ramp calculated for the wrong depth? 425
What about balanced strategies? 426
REKO versus Hi-Lo One Betting Ramp 427
REKO versus Hi-Lo Two Betting Ramps 427

Wonging/Back-Counting Data 428
Effect of Number of Players 429
Effect of Entry Point 430
Effect of Exit Point 431
Effect of Spreads 432
Exit Point Only 433
Back-Count Round 434

Error Data 435
How do dealer errors affect us? 435
What about errors that favor the dealer? 436
How do player errors affect us? 437
Single-deck 438

Variance and Volatility Data 439
What are long and short runs? 439
Candlestick Charts 441
What is the theoretical range of my results? 443
How many Blackjack sessions should I win? 444
How many trips should I win? 445

Effects on Other Players 446
How does Back-Counting affect others? 446
Where did the lost winnings go? 447
How does splitting to multi-hands affect others? 448
Where did the lost winnings go? 449
How does card eating affect others? 450
What are the overall effects? 451

Unusual Effects 452
What is the effect of the cut card? 452
What is the overall effect? 453
What is that hump in the single-deck charts? 454
What is the Floating Advantage effect? 455
Do we spend more time in positive or negative counts? 456
What are the percentages? 457
What does it all mean? 458
How many cards are dealt per hand? 459
How about different counts? 460
What is the breakdown of hand lengths? 461

Peeking Data 462
What is the gain from peeking at player down cards? 462
What is the gain from peeking at burn cards? 463
What is the advantage if we know the first card dealt? 464

Voodoo Charts 465
How do targets and stop losses affect us? 465
What are dealer hand total and bust frequencies? 466
How about by dealer hands by true count? 467

Bankrolls, Goals, Risk Data 468
What is my risk of ruin? 468
What is my Trip Risk of Ruin? 469
What happens when I include a goal? 469
What is the probability that I will achieve goals? 470
How many hands will it take? 471
What happens when I include a goal and hands? 472
How many hands will it take? 473
What about hands to goals? 473
How does changing risk affect win rate? 474

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