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Lucky Ladies Using Insurance Side Count

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This is an extension of the last post on Lucky Ladies. I received the following e-mail:

“I read your chapter on Lucky Ladies using the Hi-Lo system. When I play I count Hi-Lo and my friend uses the 10-count system (all cards +1 except 10′s are -2) for insurance purposes. Would the 10-count system be better for Lucky Ladies since it keeps track of all the 10′s?”

I know of people that use specialized side counts for LL, but have not heard of anyone specifically using an insurance count. This is intriguing as some people already use this side count. So, I ran the exact same test as in my last post on the subject, but bet Lucky Ladies based on this side count. Following were the results.

What we see is a good size increase in EV from about 1.66 to 1.96. But, the increase in the peak SCORE, from 45.8 to 47.7, is not so impressive considering the amount of work involved.

For the fun of it, I altered the count somewhat, counting queens as -3 and the Queen of hearts as -4. This bumped the EV to over 2%, at an impressive 2.12. But, the SCORE was actually lower. This is because we are concentrating more on the high payout combinations – a riskier proposition. Of course, this was just a bit of playing around and certainly a better side count exists.

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