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Lucky Ladies Double-Deck

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Normally, we think of improved odds with fewer decks. Of course, this is not always true with side bets. With Lucky Ladies, we are looking for two heart Queens. This is less likely with fewer decks. With two decks, there are only two heart Queens. So, if we have one, there is only one card left that will give us a large bonus.

This is a continuation of the previous post on Lucky Ladies and uses the same payoff schedule. So, what are the results? With this schedule and two decks, the bet becomes advantageous at:

High-Low: +7
REKO: +7
FELT: +14

As with the original analysis, due to the inherent risk in a side bet with a high payout, the SCORE can be improved by delaying the bet to a higher count. The following plots the EV and SCORE using High-Low, two decks, for no bet and bets starting at true counts of +7 through +12.

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