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Wonging — How Many Shoes Do We Play?

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There seems to exist a paucity of data on Wonging. I thought I’d add a series of tables. Let us start with the number of shoes played. The question is, if we backcount an entire shoe, what is the likelihood that we will ever enter the shoe? In this test, I assume that the player will enter at a fixed true count. Six decks, HiLo, 85% penetration. We will look at tables with one though five players. And, we will look at backcounters that enter at a true count of +1, +2 and +3. The red player (the top line) enters at TC +1. We can see that a large percentage of shoes will be entered – 68%-73%. Additional players reduce slightly the chance of entering the shoe as the count is more likely to rise and fall back before the backcounter can enter. Entering the shoe at +2 or +3 dramatically reduces the chance of entering at all.

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