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table mins in philly?

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From the August issue of Current Blackjack News (excerpted with permission):

PA: Philadelphia Aug 2021 tables edge decks cut min max rules
PA: Philadelphia Harrah’s (CEC), Chester

PA: Philadelphia Harrah's: Diamond card upgrade for new players with a competitor's premium card.

PA: Philadelphia Harrah’s: High crime area. Beware of overzealous security and Gaming. Some 6-dk tables use 8-dk discard trays.

PA: Philadelphia Harrah’s 6 0.34 6 1.0 50 6000 s17,ds,ls,rs3,nm
PA: Philadelphia Harrah’s 14 0.34 6 1.0 10 1000 s17,ds,ls,rs3
PA: Philadelphia Harrah’s 5 0.42 8 1.5 15 500 Spanish,s17
PA: Philadelphia Live! (Cord)

PA: Philadelphia Live: High crime area.

PA: Philadelphia Live 6 0.34 6 1.8 100 10000 s17,ds,ls,nm
PA: Philadelphia Live 15 0.36 8 1.8 15 1000 s17,ds,ls
PA: Philadelphia Live 5 0.42 8 1.8 15 1000 Spanish,s17
PA: Philadelphia Parx, Parx Raceway, Bensalem

PA: Philadelphia Parx: Cards are not shuffled when table empties.

PA: Philadelphia Parx 29 0.34 6 1.2 25 10000 s17,ds,ls,rs3,nm
PA: Philadelphia Parx 29 0.36 8 1.5 15 1000 s17,ds,ls,rs3
PA: Philadelphia Parx 6 0.42 8 1.5 15 1000 Spanish,s17
PA: Philadelphia Rivers (RSG)

PA: Philadelphia Rivers: Demands and copies identification as a requirement of entry.

PA: Philadelphia Rivers: High crime area, even on casino property. Database participant.

PA: Philadelphia Rivers: Higher table minimums during off-peak hours, the opposite of most casinos.

PA: Philadelphia Rivers 6 0.34 6 1.2 100 6000 s17,ds,rs3,ls,nm
PA: Philadelphia Rivers 26 0.36 8 1.8 15 1000 s17,ds,rs3,ls
PA: Philadelphia Rivers 10 0.42 8 1.8 15 500 Spanish,s17

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