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Cvcx ?

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Have been counting for about six months now, trying to build my bankroll, just had 4 losing sessions in a row - so I don't want to invest in CVCX currently. I think my bet spread might be incorrect. wondering if anyone would check if my spread is ok, or let me know what it should be? I play six deck, my bet spread is 1 to 5 units. Rules are: DAS allowed, Dealer hits soft 17, No Surrender. Thanks, very much appreciated.

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  1. de314's Avatar
    Probably better to post this in a forum, but you can use the online limited version here:
  2. fullhouse283's Avatar
    with that many decks, id spread at least 1-12 or 1-20 instead of 1-5
  3. smginvegas's Avatar
    If you feel more comfortable with lower spreads, I would stick to double deck or single deck game that offers 3:2. Also curious on how far you go with indices; -6 to +6 for example playing variations?
  4. anoshalassi's Avatar
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