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Road from BS Ploppy to +EV counter: Entry 2 - Routine and Progress update

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Little over two weeks since first entry. Currently putting in somewhere between 2 to 6 hours a day practicing the following:

Anki Training(15min)

  • REKO-F 6-deck H17 DAS LS: Indices tested with basic flashcards
    • Switched to Basic flashcards because while the Image Occlusion based cards were useful for learning the indices quickly, I think they may be making my recall of them slower since I find myself needing to visualize the index grid in order recall some of the ones I find more difficult
    • Just doing these cards in Anki once at the beginning of the day to make sure I see every index at least once during the day.
    • Some cards that I don't know trigger my adhd and my mind gets sidetracked while trying to recall the index.
    • I'd estimate 50% of the indexes I know instantly, 40% I can recall in less than 7 seconds, and maybe 10% I might occasionally get wrong by conflating a surrender value with a hit/stand value, or -2 with a 2, or something like 16v10 with 15v10.

CVBJ Drills(2-4 hours)

  • Flashcards
    • Doing these drills for 25 minutes each, or until I hit a personal best for Rating Score, whichever comes first.

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  • Counting drills
    • Running through these once each top to bottom. Restarting if i failed the first 8/16 card count test.
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  • Full table Drills
    • Going for Personal Best's for rating score here. If I can't PB for the day I'll record whatever my best score was.
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CVBJ Play(1-2 hours)
  • Probaby a lot of settings here I still need to tweak and play around with. But I'm currently practicing with:
    • Warn on Playing Error
    • Warn on Betting Error
    • Difficult hand Bias
    • Dealer makes errors
    • Default speeds
    • Simple Betting
      • Just Practicing the recommended REKO betting ramp for 6-deck of 1,2,5,10,15 units, no cover right now.

    • Simple Strategy
      • REKO-F all indices for right now.

    • 2 computer players
    • Seat in middle

  • Assuming there's a way to log betting/playing errors without a warning. I'll probably switch over to that once my speed/accuracy are a bit better. I should then be able to use that to get a decent feel for how I would fare in casino conditions.

Physical Deck RC(15 min)
  • To make sure the CVBJ skill set translates to real world I'm counting down a single deck one to three times a day. Not really logging it, just think its probably good.

Not sure when I'll update next. I'll try to answer any questions though, and as always appreciate any advice or feedback.
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