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Road from BS Ploppy to +EV counter: Entry 1

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Road from BS Ploppy to +EV counter

This blog will document my path from progress and training methodology as I train to become a +EV counter. Currently only have easy access to one nearby casino so I'm trying train with a betting spread/strategy/cover where I can count with little or no fear of being backed off, even with long hours and back-to-back days of play.

Currently I'm training for a local casino:
-Rules: 6 deck H17/DAS/LS; 5.0/6.0 Penetration
-Betting unit $5(if tables available) otherwise $10
-Count: REKO-F. After Reading Modern Blackjack Vol 1 I really liked the sounds of the REKO count. I have pretty bad ADHD-PI so I'm thinking the less strain I put on my brain the better. I'm opting for the full set of risk averse indexes that accompany REKO-F because I think once I have them chunked I should just have better results with minimal impact on mental strain.
-Spread: Still considering. I'd at least like a break-even spread, which I think is probably around 1-4. Ideally I'd go for the 1-15 spread shown in modern blackjack but I'm not sure I could get away with that long-term, even with heavy cover.
-Wonging: According to Modern BlackJack its profitable to wong out with REKO at counts of <=-14 after 2 decks have been played. Therefore I'm planning to wong out counts of <=-14 when 2-to-4 decks have been played.

Regimen is currently:
-Using Anki to memorize REKO-F indices. Anki is heavily used by people that need to memorize large amounts of information. Its extremely popular(and totally free) with med school students and people trying to learn foreign languages. At its core its a simple flashcard program, but it makes use of optimized spaced-repetition to maximize time-cost effectiveness of studying. Currently I'm using Image Occlusion Enhanced add-on to memorize the REKO-F indices.

Example: 14v9 Occluded

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-Using Casino Verite 5.6 drills Setup as follows:
-All the previously listed game settings input into main game and REKO-F selected as count

Flashcard Drills
-Just currently trying to practice adding up hands quickly/accurately. I realized playing BS at the casinos I often don't know if I've won or lost the hand until the chips are being taken/given to me after a hand. This should help me spot dealer errors, make playing decisions more accurately/faster, and react appropriately to wins/losses as part of cover.
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Counting Drills
-Just working on single card running count right now. To address accurate/fast counting hole-cards are dealt.
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Full Table Drills
-Working on getting this down to the recommended 2-3 seconds to countdown a table. Right now no time-limit. Just focusing on accuracy.
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Also running the counting drill on Norm's Blackjack Verite Drills for Android.

Just kind of rotating through these drills at the moment. If anyone has any suggestions or questions for me I'd love to hear them.

I'll get some progress graphs for the next entry.

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