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Is Card Counting Legal

Relevant Ohio Law on Card Counting

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Ohio casino law explicitly states that card counting is legal:

OAC 3772-11-08
3772-11-08 Compliance with law; prohibited activities


(B) A person who, without the assistance of another person or without the use of a physical aid or device of any kind, uses the person's own ability to keep track of the value of cards played and uses predictions formed as a result of the tracking information in their playing and betting strategy shall not be considered to be in violation of commission rules.

(Thanks to moo321 for this).

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  1. Popsicle_Stan's Avatar
    But the casinos can still kick you out for counting, right?
  2. clayshooter's Avatar
    I just ran across this old post, but I'll ask the obvious anyway, So by using spotters or Team play, you ARE in violation? (...without the assistance of another person...)

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