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Double after Ace Split — A Step Further

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This is a follow-on to the previous post which should be read first.

I thought I would determine exactly when it is acceptable to double for less for the purple hands. This can be accomplished with Cacarulo’s tables in Appendix A of Don Schlesinger’s Blackjack Attack. Having made the calculations, I removed two purple plays, A7 vs. ten and ace. These require very high ratios of current bet to minimum bet allowed. In the chart below, you will now see numbers in the remaining purple cells. These are the minimum ratios required. For example, with A6 vs dealer ten, you must have an original bet three times the minimum bet for the play to work in your favor. So, if you bet $30, receive two aces, split and receive a 6 for A6 vs. ten, and you are allowed to double for $10 or less, this is the correct play. But, if you must double for $15 or more, the play is poor.

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  1. Solo player's Avatar
    To what amount does this rule reduce the house edge?
  2. stopgambling's Avatar
    What if I am at a high count.Would I double a/6 vs 10 ,or ace???

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