• New York court rules that Poker is a game of skill

    Duh. If you think Poker is mostly luck, you aren't doing it right. Now when are they going to rule that Blackjack, with decades of strategy books written by mathematicians, might be influenced by skill?


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    1. White Guy's Avatar
      White Guy -
      I hope they never do call BlackJack a game of skill. Imagine what would happen if it got media attention and hype like poker does. Poker used to be a LOT easier to "beat." Now I rarely play.
    1. Blackriver's Avatar
      Blackriver -
      "They also contended that most poker hands are won by inducing opponents to fold, with the cards never revealed or compared. By bluffing, they told the judge, a player minimizes the importance of the luck of the draw."

      Lol, this means limit hold em and short stacking will still be illegal !!!!

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