• MGM sued for shortchanging gamblers

    The suit alleges that millions have been stolen from slot players by rounding down payoffs on voucher kiosks.


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      brandon -
      A different situation but this somewhat reminds me of the fake slot-machines ubiquitous here in St. Louis. For legal reasons in the small print they are referred to as "vending machines" but they are every bit the look and practical feel of a slot machine. They are 100% pre-determined to the profit specs of its operator and one is able to view their payout winnings for a 'spin' in advance. These machines provide the payout stub rounded down to the nearest dollar while the machine keeps any fractions of a dollar, from .01 to .99, in it's forward balance. The machine spins 'pay out' in nickel increments I believe. For instance you could deposit $5, "win" $0.95, and when you cash out you would still have $5 and not $5.95.

      These machines are very popular here and I see people sitting at these machines at all hours of the day, cranking funds in. Some operators set ridiculously high profit margins - much higher than the 7%+ 'house edge' one might expect at a casino except without the random variation. They not only nail the look and feel of a slot video machine but even go so far as to have psychological messages that pop up such as "Entered new betting pool" whenever you switch the amount to bet per spin (pro tip: it's not, it's the same outcome no matter the amount bet on that particular spin, pre-determined via the seed generated for the margins demanded by the op).

      For those that know what these machines are it's a quick way to pay for a gas station visits by checking each game's payout in advance before I depositing and/or 'spinning', with each machine having anywhere from 6 to 8 games. I have walked away usually up $20 to $25, with no money 'gambled' at all.

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