• Even the chips have chips

    Story on the RFID chips at Resorts World. Bets, splits, and side bets are tracked. What it doesn't say is if these are matched with cards.


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    1. UNCBear4SJ's Avatar
      UNCBear4SJ -
      It did mention players can still play with cash.
    1. Sdrawrof's Avatar
      Sdrawrof -
      The problem with cash is that it eventually turns into chips.I guess you could just collect chips and never play them, but that'd look really weird. Im hoping that enough people boycott this crap
    1. jbird79's Avatar
      jbird79 -
      I watched a video recently on YouTube. A guy called KC sewed rfid chips into underarmor below his jeans then lifted his leg below the table to trigger the sensors. I can't comment on the legitimacy of the story but he seems to know a hell of a lot about blackjack in the rest of the video.

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