• Station Casinos buffets 'will never return'

    So suggests the Red Rock CEO. I wouldn't take it as an absolute.


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    1. 21forme's Avatar
      21forme -
      They were very good for th emoney
    1. BJDW's Avatar
      BJDW -
      I’ve been following this one closely. Really curious to see what happens if Stations doesn’t return its buffets and/or some of its more plopular marketing programs. So far the only buffet I’ve seen them take steps to actually convert is Boulder...the rest remain closed but in tact as far as I know. Curious if they are going to keep them on the back burner as a wait, analyze and determine because it could cause a real hit. Stations is popular but look for Boyd to make a play to a more value based buffet if stations doesn’t.
    1. UNCBear4SJ's Avatar
      UNCBear4SJ -
      Well darn. A couple of them had reasonably good food for the price point.

      I'm not sure all casinos are looking to eliminate freebies and subsidized "loss leader" attractions as mentioned in the article -- seems like my local shops have really been ramping up the freebie promotions to get people to come back.

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