• Gambler refuses to pay $30M debt due to dealer errs

    Odd story. The gambler claims the dealers kept making errors, and the casino admitted that they did make those errors. This is at Baccarat. How hard is it to deal Baccarat?


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      It's possible that some of the errors occurred due to the incorrect calculation of the 5% commission on a Banker win but card dealing should be robotic. The Star does sometimes use slow and inexperienced dealers for HL tables which causes frustration among players especially if the hands have to be reconstructed, however, all the action is recorded by overhead and table mounted cameras. Asian players have a ritual habit of squeezing and peeling the cards off the felt which damages them and occasionally they will also physically destroy them making them hard to read and making it difficult for the dealer to resolve the hand correctly.
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      RS -
      Makes sense to me not to pay. The casino acknowledged if the player got more dealer errors that the player wouldn't have to pay, right? Of course, the reality is that's not how it's going to play out and he's going to go to court and the court is gonna be like, "you gotta pay".
    1. davethebuilder's Avatar
      davethebuilder -
      Most dealer errors are resolved on the spot by the pit supervisor with the aid of a camera replay. If the casino is in error then the hand can be declared dead and all bets are returned but usually the casino patron is given the benefit of the doubt. If there is still an unresolved issue then the Floor Manager or even the State regulator can intervene but giving any casino a blank cheque is stupid in my view.

      In addition, I am assuming that he was playing Punto Banco baccarat and not the mass market Even Money variation which is very common here and this means a winning banker 6 is paid at 1:2. This happens around once every 20 hands.
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      davethebuilder -
      Update - it is disputed by the casino that any errors occurred that affected the outcome of a hand. The patron preferred the cards to be dealt face down so he could squeeze and peel them off the table but the casino repeatedly dealt them face up ruining the experience for the player. It is also strongly disputed by the casino that there was any agreement to cancel the debt and they have launched legal action in the High Court of Singapore to recover the money.
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      kevin_citron -
      i wouldnt pay the inbreds of new jersey either

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