• Europe's largest casino to be built

    in Cyprus. It will be the only casino in Cyprus, an island with a bit over 1,000,000 inhabitants and fairly heavy tourism. The planned casino will include 136 gambling tables and 1,200 gambling machines, while the adjoining luxury hotel will have a 500-room capacity, a health spa and 1,500-seat concert hall.


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    1. Norm's Avatar
      Norm -
      Yes, Limassol.
    1. 21forme's Avatar
      21forme -
      Link broken (that's the link on the page once you click above link)
    1. Norm's Avatar
      Norm -
      Yep, page is gone. And I responded to a spammer, now banned. https://www.usnews.com/news/business...largest-casino
    1. stefan's Avatar
      stefan -
      now its opened a 'demo' form of the casino that has 35 tables in use

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