• 35 dead in Manila casino robbery

    In an attempted robbery, a man entered the Manila Resorts World shooting gambling machines and starting fires. As a result, 35 workers and guests died.


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    1. Tarzan's Avatar
      Tarzan -
      If they keep this up, they'll end up being almost as bad as Atlantic City! Looks like some people lost more than they thought possible for this casino trip, because unfortunately there's a few very crazy, very stupid people in the world.
    1. Norm's Avatar
      Norm -
      Oddly, the only person shot was a casino guard. He accidentally shot himself. Had the casino been built with a decent fire system, might have been a different story. And the casino was built only eight years ago.
    1. ZenMaster_Flash's Avatar
      ZenMaster_Flash -

      Indebted ($80,000) Gambler was the attacker!


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