• Another Poker room bites the dust

    Luxor will close its Poker room on June 18. In the last decade, one-third of the Poker tables in Las Vegas have disappeared.


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      terry0222 -
      Question: What is the floor space being replaced with? In one of my local casinos, the poker area has become a baccarat room.

      I even saw a billboard on the highway featuring the new room. And it was written in CHINESE. <I assume Chinese/Mandarin ---- I don't know the language>

      A real problem with poker is that it is incredibly boring when played live. Unless you are super loose, think about how many hands you fold before the flop. Then you spend time watching the hand being played out, and the most you are doing is trying to pick up a tell from another player, or you try to figure out what the active players have. And then you may never see their hand anyway.

      The popularity of poker boomed when it could be played on-line. Then it was fast, and you could play multiple tables. But that concept got ruined by those who want enforce their own moral standards on the rest of us, or by people like Adelson who feared that on-line poker would ruin his 'live' games. I personally believe that the death of live poker (in a poker room) has been killed by the murder of on-line poker. Others may have a different opinion, of course.
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      ZenMaster_Flash -

      It is worse than it sounds because the reported decrease does not include
      Poker Rooms that have been radically diminished in size, e.g. MGM Grand.
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      bigplayer -

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