• Mr. Smooth arrested

    An alleged conman known on gambling forums for years has been arrested, the Nevada attorney general’s office announced Friday. It's not often enough that these people are actually put away.


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    1. Bodarc's Avatar
      Bodarc -
      Dang and I was just getting ready to invest. Now what am I going to do? Anyone have a fool proof method that needs backing?
    1. Tarzan's Avatar
      Tarzan -
      Remember a guy from years ago named "Cipher" who claimed to have an amazing system for playing online blackjack (which was totally bogus and essentially a betting progression system)? He claimed his amazing software could "predict" or whatever and win with no card counting, no fuss, no muss! He sold his "amazing" software/system and also took money from investors from whom he would do the work and reap the rewards for them, paying them a dividend, etc., whatever (obvious Ponzi strategy) and he swindled whoever he could with it. One individual got whacked for $20,000 from this guy that I know of, possibly others. The incident with that poor guy's $20,000 ended up all over the forums and put a damper on him but here's the problem. I watched one of his "demo videos" in which he touts his "amazing" system and by the time we were about 12 minutes into it I was saying, "This is total bullshit" and couldn't understand how anyone could be gullible enough to fall for such a moronic scheme. It was difficult for me to believe that anyone could trust $20 with this guy for any reason much less $20,000. I don't know what ever happened with that guy that lost the $20,000. He was apparently trying to go after him for it but running into issues, I don't know what ever became of it or if he ever recouped any of it.

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