• Casinos filing more SARs

    The U.S. Treasury says that casino Suspicious Activity Reports increased 69% last year and the trend continues this year. SARs are filed when a cash transaction above $3,000 is made that looks suspicious, as if it is a part of money-laundering or an attempt to avoid a CTR.


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    1. Bodarc's Avatar
      Bodarc -
      Banks of computers filing SAR's 24 hours a day 7 days a week would be an interesting idea. Let them wade through that.
    1. ZenMaster_Flash's Avatar
      ZenMaster_Flash -
      I thought that the minimum for a S A R is $5,000
    1. ZenMaster_Flash's Avatar
      ZenMaster_Flash -
      Only slightly tangential:

      On the other hand the only reason to avoid a CTR is if
      there is an issue with the casino knowing who you are.

      When playing under an assumed identity I have to be very
      wary of getting close to the $10,000 mark in transactions,

      Beware: Being unable to produce a Social Security Number

      that is verifiable, can mean BIG TROUBLE.

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