• Weird Pennsylvania bill

    Under a proposed PA bill, gamblers would not be allowed to register online to open Internet gambling accounts unless they live more than 20 miles away as the crow flies from a bricks-and-mortar casino. If I read this correctly, you would have to pay a fee to a local casino to register for an online casino elsewhere. Don't see how this would be enforced. This is one of several proposals to boost PA casino revenue.

    The good news is that I don't see anything about allowing bad rules.


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    1. Three's Avatar
      Three -
      I am not sure how this could stand up to discrimination law suits. I didn't think a business had the right to charge more based on what neighborhood you are in. Casinos are usually built on cheaper real estate for both the casino bottom line and the NIMBY issue. Affluent areas tend to keep undesirable businesses at a distance. So Pa has decided to discriminate against the poor that would largely be the ones that would be restricted by such a bill. I don't care if it is poor or rich discrimination is discrimination and should be sought out and destroyed wherever it exists.
    1. ZenMaster_Flash's Avatar
      ZenMaster_Flash -

      Firstly, one's IP Address defines your

      geographical location. Tracing same is trivial.

      As far as legality goes, Tthree's posting is interesting.

      Take a look at a common situation wherein a chain

      of SuperMarkets exist within an area that encompasses

      both a middle class neighborhood, and a

      socio-economically distressed urban area.

      The stores have higher prices in the ghetto -

      due primarily to the frequency of Workers

      Compensation claims and higher security costs.

      I learned this from an ex-father in law.

      He was a risk manager for a grocery chain.

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