• Article on comps in Maryland

    With a few words from Max. Always surprises me the level of total comps.


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      Can't believe we're approaching 20 years since Comp City.
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      Can't believe we're approaching 20 years since Comp City.
      I have a friend who cannot resist the 3 1/2 hour trip to AC to use his free slot play ate Borgata and Harrah's. They are usually in the $100 to $200 range at each, and while he knows how to convert it to cash using Jacks or Better 9/6, he never fails to pour hundreds into the machines, sometime winning handsomely, I might add. His largest payoff was around $25,000. He's an avid blackjack player, too, but I don't think he gets match plays-- I think you're categorized as either one or the other, plus he has won more than lost at Blackjack over the past 4 years using the "I'm due," "This can't continue to happen," and "Change tables" strategies. Another friend is burning the tables this year with the "I have a hunch" strategy. He's been a good guesser so far.

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