• Atlantic City begins pure skill games

    Borgata is running a basketballl free-throw tournament as the first of what may be many games of skill offered in Atlantic City.


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    1. muffdiver's Avatar
      muffdiver -
      Sadly, "skilled slot players" won't be practicing free throws anytime soon. They know a winning game when they see one.
    1. moses's Avatar
      moses -
      I dont know muffy. Maybe all those years of shooting hoops in the park will finally pay off. $10K is about what I got for college. If there put in the stipulation that you have to shoot both right and left handed...I'm their. You got an extra room Norm?

      Beer Pong is the Friday and Saturday night thing here.
    1. Blitzkrieg's Avatar
      Blitzkrieg -
      I wonder if there will be any pro players participating or any college hoops stars? They should offer billiards gambling like 8-ball or Nine-ball tournaments, that's a skill game. Some casinos have had Wii bowling tournaments if they want to get physical.
    1. moses's Avatar
      moses -
      I've been around a free throw contests. There are 10 year old kids that can shoot the lights out - like 97 out of 100. I was about a 90%er but I could shoot with either hand.
    1. txlouder's Avatar
      txlouder -
      An old teammate's brother was backed off of Skeeball in the Midway in CC Reno...
    1. Norm's Avatar
      Norm -
      Maybe we can put together a BJTF Rollerball team.
    1. moses's Avatar
      moses -
      I can add some Beer Pong champs. That's an art in itself. But one kid wins every week.
    1. MJGolf's Avatar
      MJGolf -
      Quote Originally Posted by Norm View Post
      Maybe we can put together a BJTF Rollerball team.
      Yep, probably some of us ol' rockers date back to the James Caan Rollerball days v. the newer remake. I would NOT give odds on our chances. Hell, we could bet against ourselves for positive EV and not even THROW the game intentionally. Too much "better living through chemistry" over the years, I'm sure.

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