• Atlantic City casino bump in revenue

    What's left of the Atlantic City casinos are showing improvements in revenue. Long way to go to health.


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    1. Tarzan's Avatar
      Tarzan -
      Borgata has been doing quite well throughout it all. The other casinos have picked up a bit with the closings, you seem to see a little more traffic in them. It's that time of year though, the "dry" season for AC and the boardwalk is all but empty much of the time. Borgata has been the #1 earner in AC since it's opening pretty much. That's the impression I get from looking at the published numbers for casino revenue in AC over a period of time anyway. I think part of the appeal of the Borgata is the fact that it's not attached to the boardwalk and relatively isolated. In other words the local bums, riff-raff and other less than favorable elements are less likely to come strolling in off the boardwalk and into your parking garage to carjack you or something. It's sad to see casinos close down when they are places you've played in over the years but they did it to themselves really. I've seen what in my opinion are some poor management practices over the years and the failure to remain competitive as competition is popping up all around them.
    1. Blitzkrieg's Avatar
      Blitzkrieg -
      With the closings of last year it doesn't surprise me too much that the existing casinos would see a uptick in revenue.

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