• No casino near New York City

    Three casino locations have been selected in New York. All of the casinos proposed for the NYC area were denied. This is good news for Atlantic City.


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    1. Tarzan's Avatar
      Tarzan -
      I think there are real concerns over the market saturation that's occurred in recent years when it comes to opening new casinos. Look at Revel! It's not my wallet though so the more the merrier!
    1. Aslan's Avatar
      Aslan -
      People used to go up to the Catskills for vacations and conventions in the big hotels there, like the Concord mentioned in the article, which had its own golf course, ice skating rink, a fabulous dining hall, and live entertainment nightly, especially comedy acts. I was there several times myself. But then, as air travel and cruises became more affordable people began having their conventions and vacations elsewhere and the Borscht circuit short-circuited, with most of the hotels either torn down or converted to other uses, such as religious schools. Maybe casinos can revitalize these areas that once prospered. I think the locations described are a better choice than NYC if they can find a way to get the people to drive there. I don't think gambling alone will do it, as Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun are not that far from NYC and they are experiencing a drop in business.

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