• Casino Saturation

    The New Yorker weighs in on the casino saturation problem.


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    1. MJGolf's Avatar
      MJGolf -
      Most relevant and truthful words in article and that EVERY legislative body or state governmental agency needs to understand:

      "While enormous flagship properties with luxury hotels and fabulous restaurants may continue to succeed in major cities, states are making a mistake when they approve upscale resorts, with their outsize operating costs, in remote areas. Rather than resuscitating local economies, these kinds of projects too often run into financial difficulties—especially when the state next door decides to put a casino of its own just down the road." (emphasis added)

      I don't think the adage works any more, "Build it and they will come".
    1. Blitzkrieg's Avatar
      Blitzkrieg -
      That adage surely doesn't work in AC. I think they have too many casinos in neighboring states and I think that it is a big reason why AC is in a slump. The second issue is jobs, how can the casino industry expect people to go out and splurge if a lot of the jobs that were once there have been off shored or have closed their doors.

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