• Win a car -- or

    Gulfstream casino is giving away an $80,000 car to a random player -- as long as it's the right random player:


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    1. Tarzan's Avatar
      Tarzan -
      How random is the drawing if they knew exactly to whom the 5 winnings keys were sent? That in itself is odd. She opened it with the key provided, not a pry bar, so something's not quite right in more respects than just one the way I see it.
    1. Three's Avatar
      Three -
      They didn't say you needed to receive a certain key only that your key must open the box. If they have no vested interest in who wins the car then why are they having a problem. This was obviously a rigged promo and a crime or they would have given her the prize. What difference does it make to the casino who wins the car unless this was a scam. Their actions lead to no other conclusion than Gulfstream Casino got caught perpetrating an illegal act.
    1. Lancehac's Avatar
      Lancehac -
      Nice observation!!! very perceptive...why would they care who wins the car???

      Unless, it was won "too early" in the promotion, then they "lost" out on the long-term promo value.

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