• Trump returning to Atlantic City?

    Trump said this morning that he may invest in Trump casinos. His claim that he wisely left at a good time ignores the fact that he was thrown out. I really don't see how someone that managed to put casinos into bankruptcy four times when AC was doing better can fix the situation now.

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    1. MJGolf's Avatar
      MJGolf -
      I also thought it was funny that he was threatening suit to have them remove the name, Trump, from their buildings, etc. Because they were NOT maintaining the casinos in the standard of the Trump name. Figured it was a pretty "low" standard that needed to be met, huh? LOL
    1. Bodarc's Avatar
      Bodarc -
      How this fool ever got rich is beyond my imagination.
    1. Norm's Avatar
      Norm -
      He inherited $400,000,000 and contacts in the construction industry.
    1. Blitzkrieg's Avatar
      Blitzkrieg -
      Great, they can make another reality show... saving Atlantic City casinos from the inevitable. Trump likes to think BIG but I am sure it will end in an epic failure if he tries to manage properties that are already stressed, and lose BIG in AC.

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