• Land-based casino?

    In an attempt to turn around Harah's Metropolis in Illinois, Caesars has decided to move from its boat to a convention center. Only problem is the law that casinos must be over water. So, float the convention center.


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      Blitzkrieg -
      I'm not surprised to hear this. I remember the place having ridiculous room rates. I have fond memories of this river boat casino. It's where I've won my biggest pot in no-limit hold'em pot to date and where I've had my best blackjack session to date so far. It's also where I caught someone's grandmother stealing a $25 chip out of my chip rack at the craps tables and I'll never forget how sly and the move she put on the whole table including my buddy who I specifically told to, "watch my chips until I return." Overall I had a nice time beating Caesars Metropolis for as many times as I did defeat them at their games.

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